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Lockout Service

If you're like most folks, the yearly fee for a roadside assistance membership can be
tough to come up with. After the regular bills are paid, there’s not much left in our


Now there’s a membership that covers you and your loved ones with the cheapest plans in North America. And if you can’t pay a one time yearly fee, no problem! With our convenient monthly payment plans, peace of mind can be bought!


(figures based on rates in Manitoba, taxes included)
Plan Sign-Up Fee Member Cost Spouse Cost Total Cost Payment Plan Monthly Payment
CAA $17.00 $86.10 $44.10 $130.20 Yes,
add 10% fee
Canadian Tire none $62.95 $34.20 $97.55 Not
Costco none $61.59 $27.99 $89.58 Not
National none $60.00 FREE! $60.00 Yes,
no fees


Yes, you’ve read that right. For just 5 bucks a month, you’re covered. But not just you. 5 bucks a month covers you and your spouse! It’s never been easier for you to purchase your roadside assistance membership from National.

Our plans are cheap. We’re in the business of helping stranded motorists. In fact, we’re in the business of selling our plans wholesale to some of the largest membership based clubs in the world. We don’t sell travel insurance or tires or vacation packages that most of us won’t use or can’t afford. We sell peace of mind. And then we throw in the extras for free.

Got teenagers who like to run out of gas on road trips?

We can ease some of your worrying about the kids. Add more family members for just $40 a year each. They’ll get the same coverage as you. And, unlike other roadside assistance companies, each additional family member you add gets their own number of service calls. We don’t make you share!

Most roadside assistance companies cover only the vehicle you own. Not National! We cover you, the paying customer. No matter whose car your driving, we’ve got you’re back! And our plan can’t be beat for value and extra services. The best bang for your buck!


Plan Towing Lockout Coverage Member Coverage Service Calls/Year Car Rental Discount Hotel Discount Motorhome Rental
CAA Up to
5 km
Up to
Any car you’re driving 4 Yes Up to
Canadian Tire Up to
10 km
Up to
1 registered vehicle only 3 No No No
Costco Up to
20 km

Up to

1 registered vehicle only 3 No No No
National Up to 25 km Up to
Any car you’re driving 3 Yes, up
to 50%

Yes, up
to 50%

10% discount


Clearly, when you buy your membership from National Roadside Assistance, you’re getting the best plan out there.

Travelling to The United States? Our network of over 65,000 service trucks covers all of Canada and the United States. But we don’t pay attention to borders, we pay attention to you.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone now and call our toll free number. Or sign up on line right now. We’ll email you your membership ID number in 48 hours and you’re good for the next year!